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The weaknesses found in Conventional Banks became the main issue causing the Global Financial Crisis. Sharia Economic System has a strong resistance against the global financial crisis, so it can be a solution.

"Because it can keep away from riba, and can avoid something that is not transparent and are also protected from a variety of speculation," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heriawan, Bank Indonesia in the 2nd International Seminar on Islamic Finance, Bandung.

Conventional economic principles tend to be speculative, that is to benefit as much as possible in various ways. The absence of usury Shariah role in the economic system, supported by financial transparency to avoid speculation. Thus, Shari'ah  Economy may be the key to overcoming the financial crisis in many countries.

"Capital is small and gain maximum profit in many ways we Enough alone. The principle should be modified. We must create economic unity for the continuity of human life, "he said.

With the development of Islamic economic system is expected to alter these principles in the future.

"Indonesia is one country with the world's largest Muslim majority. In particular there are also areas of West Java, approximately 44.2 million people, mostly Muslim too much. This will hopefully help to encourage the development of Islamic economics, "Heryawan added.

Towards the International Franchise, License, Business Concept Expo & Conference (IFRA) at 1-3 June 2012, Islamic banking was getting ready to capture the customer with full support for the franchise business.

This was evidenced by, among others, held a pre-event Business Matching between the Islamic banking business franchise and business opportunity in Indonesia. Business matching the theme of "Financing the Sharia, the Right Solution for Capital Business Franchise."

With this event, expected to occur mutually beneficial cooperation between the Islamic banking franchise business owners making it easier for business owners in business development, and facilitate potential business partners of the franchise to get a business loan.

Franchise business opportunities in Indonesia more wide open after the introduction of clear rules regarding the criteria of the Ministry of Commerce of the franchise business. Moreover, in terms of formal law, franchise or franchises in Indonesia Government Regulation (PP). 42 of 2007 which contains rules regarding the franchise in Indonesia.

See a big opportunity, the Islamic banking took the opportunity to encourage SMEs, especially those that were involved in a franchise business, by providing financing to the perpetrators of the franchise

National Shariah banking growth averaged 40% rate. This is an outstanding value compared to the growth of sharia banking in the global scope, such as that alluded to the President of Islamic Development Bank Dr. Ahmad Mohammed Ali in a Bank Indonesia 2nd International Seminar on Islamic Finance in London.

Despite the general growth and development of Islamic financial system (sharia) developed positively, there are a number of constraints. One was presented by Bank Indonesia Deputy Guberbur Dr. Halim Alamsyah on the same occasion, in Indonesia is still quite difficult to distinguish transactions conventional or Shariah system.

Until now, Shariah banks are still using systems similar to a conventional bank. "Some Islamic products were less competitive. Cause, there are some Islamic products are exposed to double tax (double taxation), "he said in a press conference.
Halim said the next one example of the Housing Loan (Mortgage) In Islamic banking, mortgage provision is not a disbursement of funds directly to customers, but rather, as if the customers buy the house for Islamic banking.

"Because the concept of Islamic banking to purchase homes and then resell it to customers, Islamic banking is taxable. Similarly, clients or customers, "said Halim.

While in conventional banking, banks can provide mortgages in the form of cash. Asset or its products, a mortgage and then tied into a mortgage. It is not taxable.

This was also discussed by one of the speakers at the first seminar session. Prof. Dr. Habib Ahmed, Sharjah Chair in Islamic Law and Finance Durham University UK, quoting the phrase James Madison (1778) "If men were angels, no government would be Necessary". "Because people are not angels, then we need the government to balance the private and public interests," he continued

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